When people ask me what Setlog actually does, I like to answer with “Setlog is working on making the world a little bit better”. This is not necessarily the answer that is expected when you ask the question. But while we’re on the subject of asking: Why is such an answer not expected? Nowadays, for many people the employer is more than just the source of the monthly paycheck. You identify with the employer, since you spend a large part of your time at work: Working time is life time. That is why we at Setlog strive to promote cooperation, freedom and opportunities for further education while providing a way to relate to the company.

„‘Man kann nicht allen helfen‘, sagt der Engherzige und hilft keinem“ – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
(Eng: “‘You can’t help everyone’, says the narrow-minded and helps no one”)

But we at Setlog want to help as many as possible! Anyone who has already read our article about sustainability in the supply chain will have noticed: We are not only focused on profit maximization while ignoring other generally important topics. Instead we try to think outside the box. We know that in times of globalization, you can’t simply rest on the privileges of your location. We see ourselves not only as an important part of the supply chain, but also as part of the larger whole. Our company has also come up with something special for International Children’s Day, which interested parties can read about here. Another important step in this direction is our first open source project trivrost.

The trigger

My dedicated colleague Simone started last year to collect all the bottle caps that are part of our everyday life (meetups, visits, trainings etc.) for two stag parties. When I heard about this, I realized that there are also ways to donate bottle caps to good causes. Since there is no loss and it does not require much effort, we decided to continue collecting bottle caps for this purpose in the future.

The project

Kronkorken helfen” (Eng: “Bottle Caps help”) is a project that provides an easy way for just about anyone to do something good for others. With this project, bottle caps can be handed in at different collection points. In the next step, the collection points hand over the bottle caps to participating recycling dealers. The amount generated is used to finance health insurance for children in Ghana.

And how can you contribute to this?

So the next time you come to one of our exciting Meetups, please bring your bottle caps with you or help by donating bottle caps!
Or, if you would like to be able to say something positive like that about your employer as well, check out our vacancies and become part of the big picture!