1. “What do you like about Setlog?”

The colleagues. Very individual people with many interesting personal characteristics work here. The certainty that my dogs are welcome at any time – something that makes a dog owner calm down. The trust in you when there are events or trade fairs to be organized. The opinions of all participants are heard and mostly (?) also put into practice.

2- “In which department do you work and what is your job title?

I am part of the departments Marketing/ Employer Branding/ HR, so it’s very diverse. My job title is Executive Assistant, that means everything and nothing. I belong to the Setloggies from the very beginning. I was allowed to support and experience how Setlog went from a small StartUp on Wiesenstraße in Witten, just above the Klimbim, with 9 employees to a company with almost 60 employees at three locations. That’s very impressive and it makes me a little awestruck from time to time.

3. “What exactly are you doing at Setlog?”

I make sure that everyone feels comfortable, that food and drinks are available for everyone. The internal and external events are organized and prepared, the Employer Branding is well presented and we as employers attract the attention of all talents out there. I plan and supervise our appearances at job and trade fairs with the girls from Marketing, and we are responsible for finding speakers, organizing and conducting Meetups as part of the team.

4. How do you deal with challenges?

Take a breath, and do it! You can only grow with challenges. And I think that’s good.

5.  words: What do you like about Setlog?




6. “Who are you going to share this interview with?” (Who should be interviewed next?)

Thomas Stockhausen, our most beloved controller ? I’m happy to read his impressions.