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Meet our partners

It is our goal to develop a software solution that provides our customers with full control of their supply chain, transparency over all processes as well as true digitization. In order to do so, we have partnered strategically with the following companies and organizations:

Our Setlog partner: Shippeo

Part of our software strategy is to provide our customers with current information and data to ensure fast reaction times and true transparency in their supply chain.
With our partner Shippeo, we are supplying carrier booking and real time transportation visibility in order to always know exactly where a shipment currently is, when it will arrive as well as if any delays can be expected. Therefore, companies can act immediately in case of unforseen events. Shippeo’s solution is directly integrated into our software OSCA without any media breaks.

Our Setlog partner: Löning

The new German Supply Chain Act and other human rights due diligence laws require companies to assess and address human rights risks in their operations and supply chains. Löning – Human Rights & Responsible Business and Setlog have joined forces to help companies assess potential human rights risks in their supply chain. In addition to the extensive benefits of our Corporate Social Responsibility software, Löning provides further support building complete human rights risk management systems in line with legal requirements including measures, decision trees, policies, trainings, grievance mechanism and reporting.

Our Setlog partner: QIMA

QIMA’s mission is to offer their clients smart solutions to make products consumers can trust. They combine on-the-ground experts for quality inspections, supplier audits, certification, and lab testing, with a digital platform that brings accuracy, visibility and intelligence for quality and compliance data. QIMA operates in 95 countries and helps more than 17,000 global brands, retailers, manufacturers, and food growers achieve quality excellence.

Our Setlog Partner: Qarma

Through the interface with Qarma, this partnership offers complete access to quality and compliance data. This enables emerging brands, retailers, suppliers and third-party providers around the world to perform standardized, faster and more accurate inspections. Since its founding in Denmark in 2016, Qarma has continued to grow and has now offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

Our Setlog partner: responsibly

The partnership of Setlog with Responsibly provides automated, user-friendly and comprehensive ESG assessments of suppliers to drive sustainability goals in the supply chain and help sustainability leaders kick-start and accelerate their sustainable sourcing practices. 80% of the work is done automatically, without engaging the supplier at all.

Are you interested in a cooperation with Setlog?

It is our ambition to create partnerships that achieve great added value for our customer and our cooperation partners. Feel free to contact us if you see that your business model fits us! We look forward to the exchange.

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