Quality Control with OSCA

How OSCA QC works

Our QC solution offers optimal quality monitoring of your products.

Benefit from workflow-based processes for different test and inspection types. Automatic notifications also support you to react promptly. You are always kept up-to-date on new tasks, which you can view easily and clearly via the integrated dashboard. You can order tests and inspections directly in the system and record the results. In addition, those partners who are integrated into your quality process are directly linked via our system and can communicate with each other within the process. You can also manage all relevant documents for processes such as test reports and invoices in OSCA QC.

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Your Benefits

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Shortened lead times through early planning of relevant tests and inspections and monitoring of current progress

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Transparent provision of information and documents for all parties involved

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Seamless processing between QC, Logistics, Purchase Order Management and your partners through the ability to control downstream processes

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Holistic process enables quality problems to be identified more quickly and precisely. This accelerates the flow of information and minimizes quality risks.

Choose modules according to your needs

How it works:

OSCA adapts to the needs of your supply chain. To ensure that our software provides you with exactly the functionality your supply chain needs, our system offers its own solutions for each stage of inbound logistics. These solutions are divided into different modules. By combining our five solution components and their different modules in the right way, we can put together the right OSCA system for you according to the exact needs of your supply chain.

The individual modules:

Quality test

Order relevant tests, network with your laboratories, create transparency about the shipment of test samples and record test results centrally in OSCA Quality Control. Based on the test results, you release goods or order follow-up processes such as debriefing or further tests.

Quality Inspection

Control your local or origin-related product inspections (e.g. FRI, DUPRO) within the tool. Offer your inspectors and suppliers planning security by providing them with a system-supported coordination process on a planned inspection date. Include your QC partners in the approval process and manage all relevant documents for an inspection.

Test Admin

Manage all test parameters and test packages as well as additional information such as tolerances or costs independently. Create a pool of test criteria that you can draw on when commissioning tests.

OSCA QC Modules

OSCA QC Inspection

OSCA QC Testing

Setlog OSCA QC Fact Sheet für Quality Control

Download the QC Fact Sheet

All information on one page? In the OSCA QC Fact Sheet we have summarized the most important facts about our quality control solution.

Get the Fact Sheet here

Integration of other OSCA solutions: 

Integration external systems: ​

  • Import from your ERP or QA system to process predefined inspection lots in the system
  • Synchronization of test results with the ERP or QA system
  • Open API structure with other test acquisition or PDM systems
Die Setlog Kunden: Ospig betreibt Quality Control über OSCA

We wanted to get transparency in the value chain and at the same time make sure that all supply chain partners are informed of every change in real time.

Julius Lo, Head of Procurement, Ospig

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