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Setlog’s core product is our end-to-end supply chain software, which is used by over 150 brands in the apparel, electronics, food, consumer goods and hardware sectors. With the help of our solutions, our customers connect with their supply chain partners such as suppliers and service providers to optimally align as well as accelerate processes and manage their supply chain efficiently. We and our customers share the same convictions and the same goals: We want to make the world of supply chains more transparent, digital, efficient and sustainable.

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How Drive Medical and Setlog work together

Drive Medical brings full transparency to the supply chain

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has become a leader in the healthcare industry. To bring transparency to its supply chain, the U.S. company relies on Setlog’s software. This has enabled Drive to reduce procurement times, lower freight costs, and improve delivery promises.

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How Design Group works with Setlog

The right SCM software not only digitizes processes, but also provides an essential competitive advantage. How CSS Industries, now IG Design Group Americas, benefits from Setlog’s SCM software is explained by John Yablonsky, now Enterprise Applications Director at IG Design Group Americas.

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  • Rabe: Success with vision and insight

    Rabe: Success with vision and insight

    Rabe is one of the companies that understood even before the current crisis that the motto on the market is “Digitize or Die”. With the introduction of Setlog’s software, they now have complete transparency and control over their supply chain and are thus prepared for both competition and crisis management.

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  • Adler increases transparency in the supply chain

    Adler increases transparency in the supply chain

    Sustainability and global production do not have to contradict each other. However, this cannot be done with Excel lists, faxes and e-mails. Only the introduction of Setlog’s solution has made the production conditions and audits at more than 400 suppliers completely transparent for Adler.

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  • Group7: Full view through it all

    Group7: Full view through it all

    Group7 has been managing the long-distance import of Brax brand garments for years with Setlog’s software. The system provides optimal transparency to all participants in the supply chain and enables intervention when disruptions occur in the value chain.

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Some of our happy customers

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  • Die Setlog Kunden: Adler
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  • Die Setlog Kunden: hessnatur
  • Die Setlog Kunden: Zalando erreicht digitale Supply Chain
  • Die Setlog Kunden: odlo
  • Die Setlog Kunden: woom erreicht digitale Supply Chain

With OSCA, we get more transparency in our supply chain and can track purchase orders digitally. This is an important building block for our growth strategy.

Andreas Baur, CEO, Mustang

Working with Setlog has been a game changer for Targus. Their expert team led us through a back-end transformation and consolidated all of our orders across five countries in record time.

Prashant Urkudey, Director of IT, Targus

We were able to use the tool to exchange the data, to manage the documentation, to have that visibility we need without relying on being in the office. OSCA plays a pretty big role in working with our suppliers, working with our overseas sourcing offices and working from home across the globe.

John Yablonsky, Strategic Business Partner, CSS Industries/Design Group

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