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How OSCA Global Logistics creates complete supply chain visibility

Our global logistics solution maps all logistics processes within your supply chain and enables you to manage deliveries in all operational areas. See at a glance all related processes for packing, booking and creation of customs-relevant documents as well as detailed delivery planning at the warehouse. With OSCA Global Logistics, you get a portal connecting all partners involved in your logistics processes – either directly or via interfaces. This way, communication takes place quickly and efficiently.
In combination with our OSCA Purchase Order Management solution, you achieve complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain.

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Your Benefits

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All activities within logistics can be controlled collaboratively and centrally

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All contents of your deliveries, transport units and packaging units at SKU level are displayed

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Consolidation of transport units

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Real-time tracking of containers and deliveries

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All relevant documents can be managed transparently

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Automated creation of relevant documents and data as well as invoice verification

Choose modules according to the needs of your supply chain

How it works:

OSCA adapts to the needs of your supply chain. To ensure that our software provides you with exactly the functionality your supply chain needs, our system offers its own solutions for each stage of inbound logistics. These solutions are divided into different modules. By combining our five solution components and their different modules in the right way, we can put together the right OSCA system for you according to the exact needs of your supply chain.

The individual modules:


Your suppliers can generate standardized carton labels with barcodes. You receive your packing lists in electronic form. This simplifies your goods receipt and acceptance, reduces errors, and speeds up the entire goods receipt process.

Booking Workflow

Design your digitalized booking workflow with your suppliers in OSCA and make yourself independent of third-party logistics providers tied to other systems.


Shipment is your central information point for all transportation-related information, including updates, packing lists and documents.

Shipment Documents

The uploaded shipping documents relate to your order and improve your customs and payment processes.


Get full visibility of the on-carriage process from the POA to your warehouses. Coordinate with your on-carriage forwarder and optimize your inbound planning per distribution center.

Gate planning

Optimize your warehouse receiving capacities with a workflow-based gate planning tool. Coordinate delivery times to avoid bottlenecks and delays in goods receiving.

Tender Management

Standardize your freight pricing from multiple third-party logistics providers to gain more visibility and find the right price and partner for you.

E- Invoicing

Reduce your invoice verification efforts with an automated e-invoicing workflow that connects seamlessly to your ERP solution.

OSCA Logistics Modules

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OSCA at a glance

In the OSCA Global Logistics Fact Sheet, we have summarized all the information and facts about our logistics solution for you. Download the fact sheet here quickly and easily!

To the Fact Sheet

Integration of other OSCA solutions:

  • OSCA Purchase Order Management: Realize complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain by combining OSCA Purchase Order Management and OSCA Logistics

Integration external systems:

  • Connection to carrier systems via a shipment API
  • Connection to customs systems such as Atlas or Asisst 4
  • Integration of ERP systems for updating delivery data
  • Integration of a goods receipt interface from the warehouse
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It is a great advantage to have complete transparency over the supply chain with a single tool.

Günther Jocher, Executive Board, Group7

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