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What OSCA Purchase Order Management can do

Our Purchase Order Management solution operationally manages all areas of the sourcing and procurement process to give you complete transparency.

Streamline your procurement with workflow-based processes for developing products and releasing purchase orders. Use order confirmations and early delivery planning, as well as efficient work-in-progress tracking. Not only can purchase orders be reconciled and released at multiple levels in the system, but delivery schedules and partial deliveries can be both created and coordinated here.

OSCA Purchase Order Management enables you to perform lead-time supported process tracking of production preparation steps as well as work-in-progress monitoring. In addition, the object-based message function allows you to communicate easily and quickly in the system and keep track of the reference to the relevant purchase orders.

In combination with our OSCA Global Logistics solution, you achieve complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain.

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Your benefits

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Early involvement of production partners in product development steps

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Quick feedback on order confirmation and early planning of deliveries

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History of all changes, such as deadline shifts and subsets, including associated communication and documents

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Holistic optimization and acceleration of the procurement process through close integration of purchase orders, production steps and delivery planning

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Delivery planning reliability, taking into account time, costs and internal deadlines

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Acceleration and centralization of coordination processes through targeted communication on orders whose target achievement is at risk

Choose modules according to your needs

How it works:

OSCA adapts to the needs of your supply chain. To ensure that our software provides you with exactly the functionality your supply chain needs, our system offers its own solutions for each stage of inbound logistics. These solutions are divided into different modules. By combining our five solution components and their different modules in the right way, we can put together the right OSCA system for you according to the exact needs of your supply chain.

The individual modules:

Development Calender

Track relevant milestones before production begins. Create timelines for process steps and get right into communication with your partners for implementation when needed.

Work-in-Progress Tracking

Get full transparency on the current status of supplier production. The integrated work-in-progress report makes it possible to always track the status of your production per order and to react optimally in case of delays.

Delivery Planning

Monitor your orders in terms of quantities, timing and conditions to get a detailed overview of your upcoming deliveries and secure and control your supply chain.


With the communication function, your internal email communication silos become obsolete. Workflow-based messages with your suppliers lead to faster and more transparent collaboration.

OSCA Procurement Modules

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All info at a glance

Download our OSCA Purchase Order Management Fact Sheet directly and get all the details about Setlog’s procurement solution as a compact download.

To the OSCA P/O Management Fact Sheet

Integration of other OSCA solutions:

  • OSCA Global Logistics: Realize complete end-to-end visibility of your supply chain by combining Purchase Order Management and Global Logistics.
  • OSCA SRM: Supplemented by the Supplier Relationship Management solution, partners and processes can be integrated even before the purchase order is created.
  • OSCA CSR: With the help of the CSR solution, you can additionally secure your operational processes and your company with regard to existing CSR standards.

Integration external systems:

  • Integration of PDM and PLM systems for product development
  • Integration of ERP system for distribution of purchase orders (incl. required master data) and synchronization of confirmation data and status messages
  • Integration with analysis tools, e.g. if risk management/suppliers scorecard already exist in external systems
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Our emails have been reduced by 80 percent, air freight costs have fallen by 40 percent, on-time delivery is 99 percent.

Jens Kollmeier, Head of Logistics, Katag

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