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OSCA®’s Booking API

OSCA®’s Booking API

In the logistics sector, clear processes are decisive factors. A supply chain is actually a chain of people and dependencies, which require a smooth process. Without the right measures, questions about the arrival of the goods, their location or if all parties involved are equally informed about the current status might arise and thus entail complications.

Our OSCA® software offers a solution for exactly these cases. With our Booking API, we have developed a service that optimizes the booking process. You can read more about how it works in detail below. But first:

What does “API” actually mean?

In computer science, API means the standardized and structured transfer of data between programs and its parts and has become indispensable for modern programming.

The modularization of these parts is intended to simplify the increasing complex computer programs. Parts of it are detached from the rest of the program and communicate via a defined API. Only those data are transferred that are needed for the respective flow. By modularizing the codes, programs become easier to maintain and safer. Errors are recognized faster, since only the transferred data must be tested, in order to determine whether a module is faulty. Central testing of the data before it is further used also increases security. Complex processes and procedures unavoidably lead to confusing structures.

What are the pain points?

Typical questions such as the punctuality of the goods, whether all participants are on the same information level or which costs arise, can lead to unwanted side effects in the context of a booking:

Media disruptions

– Different systems lead to different data due to manual transmission

– High valuation expense

– Slowed processes

– No assignment between production and booking

Black boxes

– Decentralized booking processes

– Intransparent communication


– Disadvantageous means of transport

– High effort for warehouses

Our solution – The Added Value of OSCA® Booking API Integration

With the Booking API from OSCA® we offer a service that keeps your data up to date: Milestones can be transferred via the API in all directions.

This gives companies the ability to plan more securely and manage structured bookings. All data is on one platform – orders, bookings & shipments are linked in an existing system. Our software also offers the flexibility to connect more forwarders to OSCA® – from initial sampling to final quality control, an integration into the holistic OSCA® process is guaranteed. Furthermore, the reduced manual effort means that there are no more media breaks when forwarders use their own system.

The improved information flow on the transport of goods leads to increased planning reliability. A more precise increase of reporting points, especially at the beginning of the booking process, provides additional transparency regarding possible delays before the main transport of the goods.

The Booking API is just one of our services like our Shipment Tracker, Quality Control or our freight rate comparison tool RFQ to optimize your supply chain. Connected to our tailor-made software, the Booking API offers a holistic added value for the management of a secure and efficient supply chain. Get more information about our products: Our SCM solutions.