The 06/05/2019 was a day when heroes were born, right?

Once again, we decided to attend the trade fair REALITY and we had the pleasure to be represented by very cool guys from our team. To motivate our boys, who are of course also developers themselves, it (didn’t) take much. Chocolate and cake can help, but they weren’t in the game in this situation. The Hall of Setlog wasn’t what motivated the guys either. But, and this must be said, they were simply up for it and saw the necessity to present themselves as employees for our company.

Let’s be honest: Marketing and HR don’t speak IT, no matter how much they try, they are not “native speakers”. From the marketing / HR point of view, a conversation with strangers outside the office is not unusual, but for IT people, and this is not a malicious prejudice, it takes getting used to sometimes. When our IT people get time outside of the office and talk to people, it’s usually not voluntary. But mostly it turns out that they have a lot of fun.

Here is an example of Matthias and Maurice’s preparation and workflow processes (via chat) before, during and after REALITY:


Maurice: Moin, will you be at REALITY tomorrow?

Matthias: Yes, but I don’t know who to talk to yet.

Maurice: I can explain that to you, Simone did a little on-boarding for us.

Matthias: Yes, it’s a pity, I “unfortunately” couldn’t take part because I was on vacation until yesterday.

Maurice: Well then come over here


06/05/2019 morning 

Matthias: Are you already at REALITY?

Maurice: No, I’ve just been looking for a parking space. It’s pretty crowded here.

Matthias: Come over to us quickly, the students are already waiting in front of the doors.

Maurice: I’ll hurry!

Matthias: You’ll find us directly when you come through the glass entrance on the left through the door.

Maurice: Oh, are we in the storeroom?

Matthias: No, Simone has given us a really nice place!


06/05/2019 (sometime during the day)

Maurice: I always forget to tell them about the Meetups…

Matthias: You idiot, I always say right at the beginning that you can get to know uns better at the Meetup.

06/05/2019…after the fair, or…

Maurice: Well, that was quite a day, wasn’t it?

Matthias: Definitely, I had a really good time talking to people today.

Maurice: Me too, could you get any of them to apply to us?

Matthias: I hope so. Many people asked me about working student positions. What about you?

Maurice: Me too. I’m looking forward to the applications. See you tomorrow.

Matthias: See you tomorrow!

This is an excerpt from the chat between Maurice and Matthias, whom you got to know at REALITY. As you can see, they had a lot of fun there and certainly talked to some of you.

If you haven’t seen them live yet, you can meet them personally at one of our Digital Innovation Ruhr Meetups.

What is certain is that on June 5th, 2019 our very personal IT heroes were shining like a star.

If you also want to become one of our heroes, we look forward to receiving your application by email to