For our book series, today we would like to draw some attention to a topic that is very important to us at Setlog: Sustainability.

As a provider of supply chain management software, we regularly look at how our customers can make their value chain more efficient and how to optimize it. This also includes the topic of sustainability.

Those who do not produce in Germany or other European countries may not have any insight into where, how and under what conditions their own goods are produced.

Especially in Asia, where most global companies produce, the best production and working conditions do not always prevail and the ecological fingerprint plays a minor role.

With our VCM software we bring light into the dark.

What does this mean? It means: Whoever uses our Vendor Compliance solution can ensure that they only work with suppliers who meet certain standards, who are certified and produce both ecologically and humanely.

That way, we make our own contribution to sustainability. But how can we translate this into our own everyday lives? That is something we are very interested in and we are working on.

That’s why we have our Top 3 books on sustainability for you today:

1.) Einfach Anziehend – Kirsten Brodde/ Alf-Tobias Zahn

Fashion and the textile industry are hot topics when it comes to sustainability. We live in a throwaway society and fashion today is produced in such a way that it can be sold as cheaply as possible anywhere in the world.

Then it is worn for a short time and a short time later it ends up in the garbage.

Those who are tired of this disposable fashion will find the perfect guidebook with “Einfach Anziehend“. Here you will find real action steps and instructions on how to introduce sustainable fashion into your own consumer behaviour. The authors Kirsten Brodde and Alf-Tobias Zahn manage to not sound like big preachers all the time. They give current facts, share their knowledge about fair fashion and give tips for everyday life.

What we like about the book: It doesn’t just point a finger at what I’m doing wrong. Instead it has real tips and everyday tricks.

2.) The history of bees – Maja Lunde

Bees, small creatures with great effect. It should be clear to everyone now that these petite creatures‘ contribution is a vital part to the balance of our earth.

We need the bees – but unfortunately they are threatened to go extinct which would have enormous effects on mankind and on planet earth. This danger of extinction is what inspired authoress Maja Lunde to write a book about the busy bees.

In three touching stories, all set in different ages – one in the past, one in the present and one in the future – she tells the story of the bees.

Why did we even give this book to our valued partners and customers for Christmas:

The story of the bees is touching and entertaining, but above all it makes you think. What will a future without bees look like?

3.) Migrant across Country – Catarina de Almeida Brito et al.

In a world in which everything moves and people, information, goods, animals and plants are in a constant state of motion, one cannot help wondering what effects these movements will have.

The book “Migrant across country” deals with these and other questions. The message is clear: everything in the world is interrelated and should be considered.

In the book very different people get a word in – from journalists and activists to academics and philosophers.

Why we recommend this book: The world does not consist of individual creatures and things, but forms a unity of everything. What we do, how we act, how we buy and sell – we influence the world in which we live. These different perspectives are explained in the book.

Note: The books are not in chronological order.