• Fashion house Peek & Cloppenburg, Düsseldorf digitalizes purchasing processes with brand-name suppliers.

• Decision for Setlog’s supply chain management platform OSCA.

Download (click on picture): Peek & Cloppenburg Weltstadthaus, Düsseldorf. (Photo: Peek & Cloppenburg)

(Bochum, November 7, 2018) Peek & Cloppenburg is optimizing the digitalization of its supply chain. In an effort to provide more than 140 stores in Europe with collections from brand suppliers more quickly, the Düsseldorf-based fashion company launched the OSCA SCM supply chain management software for its brand suppliers.

Setlog’s cloud-based system, which has been in use since 2017 for the procurement of Peek & Cloppenburg’s own brand, acts as a central communication platform for the third-party brands. The aim of the comprehensive IT project is to control goods purchased worldwide without media disruptions and to make global procurement processes transparent and flexible.

“Our high expectations concerning the digitalization of the supply chain have been met with the introduction of OSCA for our own brands. With the integration of third-party brands, we have set another important milestone in our digitalization strategy. The scope of services, the modular approach, and the possibilities of individual adaptation allow us to achieve an optimized solution that should not be underestimated,” says Felix Hettlage, Managing Director of Modelogistik GmbH, the Peek & Cloppenburg subsidiary responsible for the entire group logistics. 2

As soon as the Peek & Cloppenburg purchasing department transfers an order from the ERP system to OSCA, all communication with the brand supplier is carried out exclusively via the SCM platform along the entire order process. All activities and documents pertaining to an order are centrally stored and legally validated, from placing and coordinating an order to making changes or dealing with queries. A cockpit dashboard displays the current status with the orders to be processed and the tasks to be performed.

 There are two independent Peek & Cloppenburg companies with headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This information relates to Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf.


Nora Breuker, Digital Marketing Strategist

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