• Extended software generation of OSCA can be implemented in seven weeks.
  • Combination with Shippeo enables real-time transportation tracking.
  • Companies such as Amazon and Wenko use the best-practice solution.
Container handling in the port of Hamburg: Customers of Setlog can track their shipments worldwide in real time using the Shippeo platform. Photo: Dominik Luckmann / unsplash

(Bochum / New York, December 19, 2023) The digitization of the supply chain needs to be quick and easy. IT specialist Setlog is meeting this customer requirement with its enhanced SCM software OSCA DC (Digital Core), which the Bochum-based company will be presenting at the intralogistics trade fair LogiMAT 2024 (March 19 to 21) at Messe Stuttgart. At stand 8D57 in hall 8, the experts will be demonstrating how companies can use the cloud-based tool to gain transparency in their supply chain and improve management, collaboration, and communication.

Experts from Setlog are now able to implement the latest software version very fast. Depending on requirements, only seven to eleven weeks are needed in addition to the installation phase for interfaces and worldwide partner connections. Companies such as Wenko, Simplicity, Fynch Hatton and Luqom have recently benefited from the rapid process. “Our team’s performance is particularly impressive because all suppliers, quality test laboratories, freight forwarders and partners were involved in the high-speed implementations,” emphasizes Ralf Duester, member of the board of Setlog.

The short times between signing the contract and commissioning are only possible because the processes of companies were adapted to best practice examples of OSCA – and not the other way around. This saves the companies time-consuming and cost-intensive, customer-specific adaptations.

OSCA, short for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator”, has five main functionalities: Purchase Order Management, Global Logistics, Quality Control, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The solution is now used by more than 150 brands worldwide. The advantage: users can eliminate media disruptions and silos with the modules. Thanks to standardized API interfaces, data can be securely exchanged between ERP, TMS, WMS and other systems of the various partners using OSCA without redundancies and duplicate maintenance. The software now provides visibility up to tier 8 and above. “Representatives of the consumer goods and fashion industry can now reach as far upstream as to the producers of cotton or wood,” explains Ralf Duester.

Setlog customers have also recently started to benefit from a cooperation between the SCM specialists and the transportation tracking experts from Shippeo in Paris. They can use the “Real Time Transportation Visibility” module and track their shipments in real time. They also receive precise information on the estimated and actual arrival times of their shipments (Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA, and Actual Time of Arrival, ATA). The benefit: customers receive an immediate warning in the event of a delivery delay due to a supply chain disruption. They can then react to the disruption and adjust the transport processes. “Real-time tracking of goods and the most accurate possible prediction of arrival times are essential for the best of the best in global trade,” emphasizes Duester. In addition to household goods specialist Wenko, e-commerce giant Amazon also uses the solution from Shippeo. These companies receive full transparency about the transport status of their shipments very easily:

● The Shippeo tool can be fully integrated into the OSCA SCM solution in just a few steps via an interface (API); there is no media discontinuity.
● Companies have access to 90 percent of all sea freight vessels.
● Users benefit from real-time container tracking down to SKU level
● Shippers remain digitally independent, which means they can continue to work with their freight forwarders, contract logistics providers and other partners and do not have to change their service providers.

An innovative early warning system is created that allows better control of inbound to the warehouse. Delays are not only avoided, but stock and demand are also balanced and optimized.

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About Setlog

Setlog Holding is a provider of Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions. The central product is the cloud-based software OSCA with the solutions Purchase Order Management, SRM, Global Logistics, CSR and Quality Control. OSCA, which stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator”, is used by more than 150 brands in the apparel, electronics, food, consumer goods and hardware sectors. With the help of OSCA, companies connect their supply chain partners, suppliers and service providers to optimally coordinate their supply chain and efficiently manage supply chains.
Setlog GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Setlog Holding AG. The company was founded in 2001 and is today one of the leading providers of SCM software with over 40,000 users in 92 countries. The software house employs 60 people at its locations in Bochum (headquarters), Cologne and New York. www.setlog.com