Our passion for the optimization of supply chain processes is our daily motor for our visions. This is why we at Setlog are aware of how important technical implementation is for the fulfilment of this task. With our Software OSCA, we know exactly how much IT and logistics have to be seen as one unit, because we live it every day. Our logistics and IT experts work closely together – this merger is called information logistics. The BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik) defines logistics as follows:

 “Logistics is the holistic planning, control, coordination, execution and monitoring of all internal and cross-company information and goods flows […]”,

which emphasizes the importance of information technology within logistics. The BVL 2014 published a corresponding position paper with 12 theses (https://bit.ly/2pXuqq5).

At Setlog, IT and logistics are not seen as a side issue but as an indispensable part of working together, thinking together and implementing every day. The growing complexity of logistics processes in the context of global digitization and the challenges associated with it can only be mastered with these areas as a unit.

The most important aspects for optimized logistics management are automatically related to information technology, such as e- and m-commerce, which are based on comprehensive logistics and IT competence. So the implementation of the necessary transparency and security can only be achieved through innovative information technologies.

The complexity of the processes also creates the urge and the necessity for individual adaptations of the supply chains. Such individualization measures are also based on information technology processes, which can only be exploited, optimized and continued in this way and avoids a standstill, promotes progress and thus guarantees competitiveness.

In summary it can be said that information logistics is the way into the future – This unit should be recognized, implemented and lived in order to be able to go into the future, because:

“The 4th Industrial Revolution and specifically the software and hardware developments as well as the corresponding algorithms and their application in logistics must be promoted by decision-makers in politics, science and industry.” (BVL)

With our software OSCA, we share the vision of information logistics. Transparency, sustainability, clear and simplified processes as well as quality control are the result of our conviction for this merger.

OSCA is our flagship for this mission. Feel free to learn more about our software: https://www.setlog.com/en/solutions

You can find out how we are implementing this implementation technically with OSCA here: https://www.setlog.com/en/oscas-quality-control-2