• Austrian bike specialist starts with complete digitalization of the supply chain. 
• The manufacturer is using the SCM software “OSCA” from the German provider Setlog. 

Joy over new bikes: To ensure that woom bikes reach young customers even faster than before, the manufacturer uses Setlog’s SCM software OSCA.  (Photo: woom) 

(Klosterneuburg/Wien, 4/22/2021). The company woom takes another step toward a comprehensive digitalisation of its orders and shipping: The Austrian children’s bike producer based in Klosterneuburg near Vienna has commissioned the German company Setlog to set up and implement its OSCA cloud-based supply-chain-management software. Goal: The secure procurement of products and managing rapidly growing procurement volume due to accelerating business growth at woom. 

The abbreviation OSCA stands for Online Supply Chain Accelerator. The staff in Klosterneuburg is relying on this software to speed up procurement processes and slash procurement times. Moreover, the solution will make all of the procedures along global supply chains more transparent and efficient. 

“I am convinced that OSCA will give us major support as we tackle the current challenges in the supply chain”, says Guido Dohm, Managing Director of woom: “The cloud-based technology will improve the reliability of statements about the availability of the bikes. Real-time information and more efficient communication will cut procurement times.” 

“We are pleased that the young and innovative company, woom, is relying on OSCA to manage their value chain”, says Ralf Duester, the Managing Director of Setlog: “The focus of the 2 implementation will be to create transparency along the entire supply chain and accelerate processes through collaborative work on a single platform between all of the partners involved.” 

Over the coming months, departments at woom will be networked with suppliers, factories, warehouses, freight forwarders, shipping lines and quality assurance personnel through the platform of its German partner. Order tracking, including document exchange, will be fully automated and paperless – container transport will be optimised. All communication will be handled directly through the dialogue function of the platform. The woom supply-chain team in Klosterneuburg can centrally manage and control all procurement procedures – from supplier selection to price negotiations and allocation of production orders, through to production and shipping management. 

“The new digital supply-chain management not only means cutting procurement times and better service quality for our customers, but it also encourages the steady integration of social standards into our operational procurement activities and will help us to be more conscientious in our use of resources”, says Dohm. 

The digitalisation of supply-chain management is just one of a range of measures designed to improve reliability in procurement and raise sustainability at woom. Another measure is a gradual shift of production for the European market to Europe. Since the beginning of this year, at a factory owned by the German company SPRICK CYCLE GmbH located in the southern Polish town of Świebodzin, woom ORIGINAL bikes – the classic woom 1 through 6 children’s bikes – have been rolling off the line. 

About woom 

The bicycle manufacturer woom, based in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, was founded in 2013. The company develops, produces and sells bicycles for children and young people as well as cycling clothing and accessories. Sales take place primarily in Europe and the USA via specialist bicycle dealers, importers and online retailers. The annual growth rate is more than 50 percent. The name “woom” stands onomatopoeically for the sound often used by small children for fast vehicles. www.woom.com 


Nora Breuker, Digital Marketing Strategist 
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About Setlog 

Setlog Holding is a provider of customized supply chain management (SCM) solutions. Its core product is the cloud-based SCM software OSCA®, which is used by over 150 brands in the apparel, electronics, food, consumer goods and hardware sectors. With the help of OSCA®, companies connect their customers, suppliers and service providers to optimally coordinate their supply chain, accelerate processes and efficiently manage supply chains. 3 

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