• CTO Dmitry Chaykin is managing director for IT.
• Manager drives technical development of SCM software OSCA.

Responsible for IT and product development as Managing Director at Setlog: Dmitry Chaykin. (Photo: Setlog)

(Bochum, 07/26/2021) Setlog’s long-time Chief Technical Officer, Dmitry Chaykin (46), has been appointed Managing Director for IT. Chaykin joins the founding partners, Guido Brackelsberg, Ralf Duester and Jakob Gielen, to lead the Bochum-based software house with more than 50 employees. In addition to the maintenance of the IT structure, personnel development in the IT area and the technical equipment of the company – the main tasks of the business informatics specialist from Erkrath include security issues of internal and external IT infrastructure as well as the implementation of the technical vision for the OSCA software with the solutions Procurement, SRM, Global Logistics, CSR and Quality Control. The cloud-based tool has undergone continuous development over the past 20 years and is now used by more than 150 brands worldwide.

“With Dmitry Chaykin, we not only have a proven software architect and cloud engineer as the person responsible for IT and product development. After more than two decades with the company, he also knows all the development stages of the OSCA generations as well as the complex requirements of customers in the area of supply chain management in detail,” emphasizes board member Ralf Duester.

Chaykin studied business informatics at the State Academy of Industrial Engineers in St. Petersburg. After graduating, he began his career as an independent IT expert in Russia in 1997. In Germany, the father of three children initially worked as a software developer in a medium-sized company before joining Setlog’s headquarters as Senior Manager IT a few months after the company was founded in 2002.

The IT expert accompanied the development of OSCA from the very beginning. Over the course of two decades, he not only gained knowledge in cloud engineering and IT security, but also expertise in numerous customer projects on the topics of digitalization and automation of supply chain processes.

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About Setlog
Setlog Holding is a provider of customized supply chain management (SCM) solutions. The central product is the cloud-based software OSCA with the solutions Procurement, SRM, Global Logistics, CSR and Quality Control. OSCA, which stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator”, is used by more than 150 brands in the apparel, electronics, food, consumer goods and hardware sectors. With the help of OSCA, companies network with their customers, suppliers and service providers to optimally coordinate their supply chain, accelerate processes and efficiently manage supply chains.
Setlog GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Setlog Holding AG. The company was founded in 2001 and is today one of the leading providers of SCM software with over 40,000 users in 92 countries. The software house employs 60 people at its location. www.setlog.com