Guido Brackelsberg im Setlog Management

Guido Brackelsberg

Guido Brackelsberg is a founding shareholder of Setlog GmbH and Managing Director for Sales & Business Development.
Since 2014, he has been Deputy Chairman of the DTB, driving the internationalization of the association. He is also on the board of Setlog Holding and managing director of limbiq GmbH.

Dmitry Chaykin im Setlog Management

Dmitry Chaykin

Dmitry Chaykin is CTO and Managing Director of Setlog GmbH. As a passionate software architect and cloud engineer, he is responsible for IT and product development. He also has many years of experience in global logistics and is involved in the digitalization and automation of supply chain processes.

Ralf Düster im Setlog Management

Ralf Düster

Ralf Düster is a founding partner of Setlog GmbH, where he is responsible for Supply Chain Management & Logistics as Managing Director. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of the wholly owned subsidiary Setlog Corp. based in New York, USA and is on the Board of Setlog Holding. Düster is a board member of the Log-IT-Club e.V., on the steering committee of the Competence Network Logistics of the Ministry of Economics NRW and on the advisory board of NRW Global Business LLC., USA.

Jakob Gielen im Setlog Management und Finance Jobs in Bochum

Jakob Gielen

Jakob Gielen is a founding partner of Setlog GmbH and, as a partner and authorized signatory, is responsible for the areas of Finance, Human Resources & Law. Gielen has been a successful entrepreneur for many years. With over 15 years of experience as a managing director/board member, he is very familiar with managing organizations and employees as well as dealing with shareholders and investors.

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