• US fast-fashion specialist opts for SCM software “Made in Germany”.
• Complete control over the supply chain from suppliers to customers.

Download (click on picture): Garment by the Jump Design Group in Manhattan: The company is one of the quickest fast-fashion producers worldwide. (Photo: Jump Design Group)

(Bochum, Germany, January 31, 2020) The New York-based company Jump Design Group has decided to implement the supply chain management software OSCA to make the global supply flows of the fast-growing clothing specialist transparent. The cloud-based system from the Bochum-based company Setlog controls all transport-relevant processes – from orders to the arrival of the garment at its destination. The software, which eliminates emails and Excel spread sheets, has become the central communication platform for the global suppliers of the 30-year-old company from Manhattan.
“As a modern fast-fashion company, we sometimes need less than three weeks from the design idea to the sale of modern fashion for women. In order to achieve this speed, we need the best possible information about our supply chain,” says Ashesh Amin, CEO of the Jump Design Group. The main reason for selecting the platform was due to the flexibility to implement customizations in the system. It also puts all suppliers on one single business workflow, allowing growth at a low cost.

The company with the slogan “Design. Quality. Speed” is not only fast with the market launch of new collections, but also with the selection of new technologies. Only three months passed between the first contact with Setlog and first workshop for implementation of the system in October 2019. “We are delighted that Jump Design Group, which implements new design trends within weeks and uses innovative production technologies such as automatic fabric cutting machines, has decided in favor of OSCA,” emphasizes Ralf Duester, President and CEO of Setlog Corp.

After the implementation, Jump Design Group will send all orders from its ERP system to suppliers via OSCA – all communication will take place via the SCM platform. “In the past we had challenges with order changes, visibilities or deliveries confirmations, which can result in shipment delays and unexpected complications in our supply chain planning,” explains John Ngai, Vice President Operations at Jump Design Group. With the help of OSCA, a transparent supply chain will be possible.

Besides purchase orders, the system also includes logistics. In addition to transport orders, packing lists, arrival dates, volumes can also be monitored and controlled. Logistics service providers can import transport notification and tracking data via EDI. A dashboard displays the current status. If, for example, delivery data changes or delays are imminent, the supply chain partners are automatically notified by the system. “Our sales staff always has an overview of when and which shipment arrives where,” emphasizes Ngai. Document management is also a part of OSCA. With the help of the reporting data, the Jump Design Group intends to use a cause analysis for delays in the future to initiate improvements. “The ROI on this type of technology clearly helps profitability in this current retail environment”, says Jerry Passaretti, President of Cathy Daniels.

About Jump Design Group
The Jump Design Group was founded in 1989 by Glenn Schlossberg in New York. The company designs and produces modern women’s fashion for major retailers. It offers fast fashion under the labels Bebe, Jump, Marina, Onyx Nite and Tiana B. In 2018 the Jump Design Group, one of the world’s fastest fast-fashion manufacturers, acquired Cathy Daniels Apparel and Susana Monaco. The company has in excess of 200 employees and makes an annual turnover of in excess of $100 million US dollars. www.jumpdesigngroup.com

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