1. Which department do you work in and what is your job title?

“IT Department/ Software Developer”

2. What exactly are you doing at Setlog?

“I develop new features for OSCA together with Team Space Jam and work on bugs.”

3. How does your working life look like?

“I drive up my laptop, look what cards are open, pull out a card and edit it. In between I take part in different meetings (Daily/ Lightning Talks/ etc.).”

5. what do you like about Setlog?

“I like the good atmosphere among the staff and the fact that many of them bring their dogs to work.”

6. what makes working at Setlog special?

“You are super free and can plan and coordinate everything with the team. In addition, there is always a dog running through the office that you can play with.”

7. 3 words: Why Setlog?

“Dogs / Fun / Colleagues.”

8. What hobbies do you pursue in your spare time?

“I play and train American Football / I program one or the other fun project every now and then to try new things out.”