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29.05.2018 | Advanced Microservices

On May 29th Christoph Gnip, Developer Evangelist at 5Minds IT-Solutions  visites us at our Digital Innovation Ruhr Meetup to talk with us about “Advanced Microservices”. Especially for our IT-affine Meetup innovators, Christophs presentation was a significant enrichment.

In advance, our Nora asked a few questions.

Welcome Christoph, we are glad that we have you here. I would like to ask you a few questions. First of all we would like to know how you came to the topic Microservices?

“In my daily working environment I experience Microservices in different areas – from the basics and the birth of architecture to advanced topics. In the Meetup culture, as well as in online literature, the topic of Microservices is often neglected, especially when it goes further into depth (Advanced Microservices). That’s why we have put together a few things that we use to advise our customers and that I find to be extremely cool. I’m bringing you some new ideas today that you don’t usually find in online literature.”

That sounds very exciting in any case and we’re happy that you’re telling us more about Advanced Microservices today. Why do you like being a software developer? Why is this your passion?

“I came to software development at the tender age of 16. That’s when I wrote my first programs and it was just fun. I can’t really give a real reason, but I made software development my hobby and can now combine it with my daily work. At the moment I’m not developing that much because I’m currently the team leader and co-responsible for our open source efforts. Software development is more about projects like Meetups”.

Let’s come to the last question. How did you get to stand on stage and talk now?

“There wasn’t really a real birth. That was during my college days when you had to prepare things for presentations and lectures. That’s one thing that suits me well. I can talk freely, I like to tell stories and I like to speak in front of an audience. I hope that I can tell you a good story today that fits into the framework of this Meetup. Not too dry and give a good insight into the technical issues. Even for those who may not be too touched by the topic.”

Thank you very much, Christoph!

Here you can find a review of the Meetup

About Christoph:
Christoph is a Developer Evangelist and during the day he is jointly responsible for the OpenSource efforts of his employer 5Minds IT-Solutions. As team leader he proves every day – together with his team: Microservices and sustainable software development are not contradictions. The approach: to develop microservices process-driven and thus meet the high demands of customers for quality, sustainability and functionality.

At night, he is passionate about programming and often takes him to more exotic places in everyday IT life. For years, his curiosity has belonged to Elixir, Python and hardware-related software.