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One solution covers all

What is OSCA and what can it do for you?

OSCA is our supply chain management software specialized in inbound logistics. “OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers like to say: One solution covers all. As such, the system offers a transparent map of all your processes and enables you to digitally manage your supply chain on a central platform. OSCA not only helps you keep track of everything by displaying all the information and data in your value chain, but also shows all changes, issues, and updates in real time, so you can actively plan and respond. By connecting all your supply chain partners, labs and suppliers, communication and information exchange flow through a unified platform. As a result, you can find your documents, agreements and contacts exactly where you need them. With OSCA, you secure your supply chain by centrally controlling all processes.

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Connect all your supply chain partners

Our software integrates directly into your existing IT landscape

Our software functions as an integration portal and can thus be easily connected to all common systems in your IT landscape either manually or via existing APIs. With OSCA, you bundle information from ERP, PDM, QM, TMS and many other systems so that your data runs together clearly and uniformly. That way, you eliminate media discontinuities and unnecessary delays, benefitting from a simple, efficient control of data.

OSCA the way it fits your supply chain

OSCA adapts to the needs of your supply chain. To provide you with the exact solution your supply chain needs, we have divided our system into five individual solutions, each covering a section of inbound logistics. By combining individual solutions, we work with you to meet the exact needs of your supply chain.

Explore OSCA CSR, OSCA SRM, OSCA Purchase Order Management, OSCA Global Logistics and OSCA QC!

digitale Supply Chain Management Software OSCA SRM für das Lieferantenmanagement

Supplier Relationship Management Software

With the OSCA SRM software, you can manage your suppliers with one click, compare price quotes at a glance, and communicate schedules directly within the system. The system provides you with:

  • Regular reporting and analysis of your all activities
  • Connection and central exchange with all your supply chain partners
  • Fast, digital approval processes and communication

To find out how Supplier Relationship Management makes supplier relationship management easier for you, click “More about OSCA SRM”.

More about OSCA SRM
digitale Supply Chain Management Software fürs Lieferkettengesetz mit OSCA CSR

Our Corporate Social Responsibility solution

Directly identifying and remediating production processes that are harmful to the environment or violate working conditions is becoming increasingly crucial due to the Supply Chain Act. OSCA CSR provides you with the necessary overview. With the software, you can manage all your corporate social responsibility measures online at any time, check compliance with them and react immediately to problems.

  • All audit data centrally is in one place
  • Easy data exchange with your partners via a digital platform takes place
  • You will get audit-proof verification of compliance and success of CSR measures

Under “More about OSCA CSR”, you will get a deeper insight into our solution.

More about OSCA CSR
digitale Supply Chain Management Software OSCA Procurement um Beschaffungsprozess zu optimieren

Optimized Purchase Order Management

Monitoring all procurement and sourcing processes and being able to intervene directly, offers a fundamental advantage in procurement management. Use this advantage with the OSCA Purchase Order Management solution and keep an eye on your orders, delivery schedules and conditions at all times. You benefit from:

  • Digital reconciliation, approval and management of purchase orders
  • Transparent monitoring of supplier production and schedules
  • Exchange of information on purchase orders centrally in the system

For more information, click on “More about OSCA Purchase Order Management”.

More about OSCA Purchase Order Management
digitale Supply Chain Management Software für sichere Lieferkette OSCA Logistics

Transparent global logistics

To achieve transparency in your supply chain, a clear, central display of all relevant data and updates in real time is a necessity. OSCA Global Logistics covers exactly that and gives you many other functions as well. Such as:

  • Complete picture of your supply chain by displaying all relevant shipment information and changes
  • Creation and exchange of packing lists, shipping documents and other documents centrally in the system
  • Digitized booking workflow and invoicing process

You can find all other features and benefits under “More about OSCA Global Logistics”.

More about OSCA Global Logistics
digitale Supply Chain Management Software OSCA Quality Control

More overview of your quality control

Our solution for efficient quality monitoring – OSCA QC – enables you to connect all your partners to the test and inspection processes online and to actively and safely check the quality of your products. This way you will get:

  • Easy and accessible planning and processing of tests and inspections for your partners and laboratories
  • Direct product testing and release processes on one platform

You can find out more about the software under “More about OSCA QC”:

More about OSCA QC
LkSG OSCA CSR digitale Lösung

With OSCA you can cover the German Supply Chain Act as well

Complying with the German Supply Chain Act poses challenges for many companies – OSCA helps you overcome them quickly. With the software, you gain insight into your suppliers’ production conditions and risk evaluations, and manage preventative as well as remedial actions digitally.

More about fulfilling the German Supply Chain Act with OSCA


On-time delivery


Excel spreadsheets eliminated


Less e-mail traffic

Your benefits with our software

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Consolidated data – up-to-date and in real time

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Full transparency over all processes, communication and data

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Reduction and digitization of manual work

Group Created using Figma

Seamless monitoring through connection of all supply chain partners

Group Created using Figma

Better planning capability for all supply chain processes and reduction of process costs

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Early warning system for proactive measures and faster reactions

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More accurate adherence to schedules

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Optimized operational and strategic work

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Reduction and control of transport costs and delivery time

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Software that works on all end systems

Setlog Fact Sheet EN

An overview in the fact sheet

In our Fact Sheet you will find all data and facts about Setlog and our OSCA solutions in a compact summary. Simply download and save it now!

To the Setlog Fact Sheet
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Independent functions

This added value is always provided by OSCA

A digital supply chain offers you numerous advantages, and we at Setlog have made it our mission to always support our customers in digitizing their processes.

No matter which Setlog solution you choose, or which you combine, some features are always at your disposal. This gives you complete control over your workflows, so you can be sure to always be up-to-date.

Process Dashboard​

The Process Dashboard groups your daily to-do’s from the process and maps them immediately when you start the system. This gives you a direct overview of the latest news, milestones reached, as well as early warnings. The Process Dashboard acts as a control tower for the entire supply chain.

KPI Dashboard​

The KPI Dashboard visualizes the key performance indicators for your supply chain in real time. Our software makes it possible to share these KPIs with your partners, enabling you to collaboratively monitor target agreements.

Documents Center​

All attached documents are archived centrally and securely and can be found at any time via their metadata such as document type, order number, item number or invoice number.

System Intelligence & Calculation​

The module continuously calculates and refreshes important dates, such as the arrival date of your goods or the due date of the next audit. Impending missed deadlines are detected in good time, so that appropriate measures can be initiated at an early stage. This is supplemented, among other things, by the calculation of residual and shortfall quantities for partial deliveries or by a status calculation to display the respective progress.


All data of your supply chain collected by OSCA can be evaluated with our analysis functions. This increases your planning reliability and gives you an overview of your freight costs, the performance of your suppliers, lead time analyses and a preview of the critical points in your supply chain.

Further Capabilities​

Furthermore, our software offers you the options to filter, search and sort data, create custom views, extract data to PDF, Excel and CSV files and have custom reports as well as email reports and graphical representations created.

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