“It’s the creation of things, in the real or virtual world, that fascinates me!”

Eduard has been working for Setlog since more than 5 years. Today he’s talking a little about himself.

Hi Eduard! What department do you work for and what is your job title?
“I work in the “Globetrotter” team, which exclusively serves our customers in the US market. My exact job title is Manager IT.”

our software developer eduard in a bathrobe
Dress code? Not at Setlog!

And what are your tasks as Manager IT at Setlog?
“I conceptualize and develop our SCM software OSCA in general and especially for our customers. Like every IT employee at Setlog, I am responsible for all areas of the software, like frontend GUI, server adaptation, services, database and infrastructure (DevOps). I am also co-responsible for the distribution of our software and its smooth running. I addition i am available as technical contact person for our customers.”

How exactly did you get into IT?
“It all started a long time ago: When I was ten, my father bought a 386 with 40 MB hard disk and MS-DOS operating system. Then a new world opened up for me, into which I was completely immersed. Until today I ride enthusiastically on the wild waves of the IT Ocean.”

3 Words: Why Setlog?
“Familiar, close, Java”

What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?
“To be honest, I have a lot of hobbies. There is almost nothing I haven’t tried before and which I had so much fun with that it has become a hobby. It is the creation of things, whether in the real or the virtual world, that fascinates me. I have a broad spectrum: sports, handcrafts, art, reading, writing and of course programming.”