Meet the smartest corporate-cloud software suite to provide a major edge for your complex global value chain.

Meet OSCA®, our smart product suite of cloud-based software empowering highly efficient, optimized value chain management. OSCA® has been specifically designed for real-time use in the cloud. Thus you have all relevant information at your fingertip, wherever and whenever you need it most.

Swift collaboration of all partners on a single platform ensures maximum transparency along your entire supply chain. OSCA®'s modular configuration as well as the interconnectivity of individual product components provides you with the best setup to meet your needs.

How OSCA® works for you

OSCA® is a smart connective hub integrating complex value chain processes from in- to outbound on one universal cloud-based platform.

1. Connectivity

1. One platform, one truth
2. Better process, better margin
3. Share workflows, bridge gaps
4. Slash lifecycles, add ROI
5. Universally connective

2. Advantages

Equalizes the digital degree of supply chains at 99% to streamline in- and outbound business processes – in time, in budget and with peace of mind.

3. Integrability

Provides superb adaptivity for your existing workflows and vast modularity to meet your specific needs. Subsequent upgrades and add-ons at ease, at any time.

4. Adaptivity

Economizes up to 75% on time and internal resources needed to implement OSCA into your supply chain workflow as compared to other business process systems.

5. Implementation

Modular Solutions

OSCA offers two solutions that will definitely improve your KPIs.

Vendor & Compliance Management

Suite comprises:

Social Audits


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