Women in Tech are awesome

This is exactly the reason why our Simone Ross, COO of Setlog Corp, is often booked to speak about her supply chain knowledge at events. In September, participants of the “Fashion Supply Chain Summit” in Frankfurt and the “Fashion Logistics – customer-oriented and sustainable action” in Bremen had the opportunity to see Simone Ross live on stage.
Among other things, she gave a highly acclaimed lecture on the supply chain market in the USA and took part in a panel discussion in which she critically questioned how companies deal with the strongly changing customer expectations.

Fashion Supply Chain Summit

Guido Brackelsberg (right), Founder Setlog, with Alexander Beuntker from Orsay

The event “Fashion Supply Chain Summit”, hosted by the Textilwirtschaft, dealt primarily with the question of what opportunities exist on the market that offer process optimization and stronger networking. Among others, topics such as the digitalization of procurement, a reorganization of the value chain or challenges in Omnichannel were discussed and presented.
It was a special event for Setlog, as some of our customers were also on stage and reported on how they could make their supply chain more transparent and optimized.

Simone Ross about the warehouse automation in comparison between USA and Germany

Simone Ross herself represented Setlog in a panel discussion about the changes in fulfillment through digitalization and how the industry operates between customer expectations, demand, personnel bottlenecks and cost pressure.
What do German companies have to do to keep up with companies from the USA and other countries to improve processes? This question was certainly one of the most prominent addressed to Simone Ross.

“We shouldn’t always look only at the 5%, which run wrong in our companies and that have to be improved, but at the 95%, which we already do well!” – Simone Ross

Expert Panel Disscussion about digitalization with Simone Ross

A typical problem in the industry. Rather than trying to turn something that’s going badly more positive companies should focus on optimizing the already well-functioning processes so that they will stand out and run flawlessly.

All in all, there were many exciting contributions at the first edition of the Fashion Supply Chain Summit.

Prof. Dr. Dr. ten Hompel and Ralf Pütmann of the Setlog AG board

In addition to many exciting lectures, there was also the opportunity to network with all experts on site and to discuss how the world of the supply chain in the fashion industry is changing due to digitalization.

We are already looking forward to next year.

“Fashion Logistics – customer-oriented and sustainable action”

It got very exciting for the participants of “Fashion Logistics”, organized by the renowned magazine Logistik Heute. As an expert based in America, Simone Ross gave an exclusive insight into how the political situation in the USA and the current “trade war” are affecting the entire global market.

Simons Ross about the “trade war” and how politics has an impact on globalization

With her presentation, she gave a completely different perspective on the future of supply chain and on the relationships that exist in the global world.

Simone Ross: “Companies must expect changes.”

“Tariffs are working much better than anyone ever anticipated…our market is stronger than ever, and will go up dramatically when these horrible Trade Deals are successfully renegotiated. America First…” the US President twittered on August 04, 2018, making it clear that what has happened so far is only the beginning.
What few know: 98% of the clothes and shoes bought in the USA are imported. However, clothing, shoes and bags account for only 6% of total US imports. Yet, 51% of total US tariffs are levied on clothing, footwear and bags (Source: American Apparel & Footwear Association, Steve Lamar, September 2018).

Whether you like it or not, every company cannot underestimate the impact the political situation will have on the market and must adapt to change.


In summary, both events were successful formats in which Setlog gladly participated and made a contribution.

“Both the Fashion Supply Chain Summit of the Textilwirtschaft and the Fashion Logistics Congress of Logistik Heute were focused on customers and their demands for rapid availability of goods. There were exciting case studies of brands and service providers and outlooks on what the near future could look like.” – Simone Ross.