“What department do you work in and what’s your job title?”

I’ve been working for Setlog since January 2019 and as a working student (finance) I’m mainly working in Controlling. In addition, I occasionally help out in the HR department when there is a need. I’m actually a business student and therefore only at Setlog during the lecture-free days and during the semester break.

“What exactly do you do at Setlog?”

As a working student, I support full-time employees in the controlling department by creating various evaluations (e.g. customer evaluations or comparison of planned/actual sales), monitoring outstanding receivables from our customers or helping with the monthly or annual financial statements. So I am involved in all aspects of finance.

“What does your daily work look like?

A typical working day cannot really be described here, as I am confronted with new tasks and problems every day. This is also a good thing, because as a student I have the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, to gain important practical experience and not just to carry out the usual tasks.

“How did you get into IT?”

Until the end of last year, I had almost nothing to do with IT. Thanks to my job at Setlog, I now have considerably more points of contact here. In my daily work in controlling, however, the IT world plays a subordinate role.

“What do you like about Setlog?”

Despite my short time at Setlog I feel very well accepted and integrated into the team, as if I had been here for more than two months.

I particularly noticed the relaxed working atmosphere. Be it the openness and humour of some colleagues, a dog in the office or a company-wide “you”. These are all factors that I didn’t know about before and that quickly warm me up to my new employer and colleagues.

“What makes Setlog special for you as an employer?”

So far I have only worked in companies with a comparatively conservative corporate culture. As far as I can judge after two months, Setlog is different. Decisions are made here together, communication channels are short and I have a lot of trust.

In addition, I am quite free in the allocation of my working time. My weekly number of working hours can always vary depending on the timetable in my semester. During the semester break it is possible for me to work more hours to save some money for my next vacation.

“What are your plans for the future?”

Waiting for the next weekend ?

And of course a successful completion of my studies and my professional development.

“3 words: Why Setlog?”

Trust, freedom, development opportunities

“What hobbies do you pursue in your spare time?”

In my spare time I play football more or less successfully in my home club. If there’s time left over besides my studies, work and football, I’m open for almost every kind of activity with friends.

“What is your great passion?”

Is sleeping a passion?

Apart from that, I like to play and watch football passionately…

“How do you deal with challenges?”

Of course, a certain seriousness is needed to tackle challenges. But actually I am a rather relaxed and optimistic type. In the run-up, I tend to make myself less stressed, but simply let things come to me and try to make the best of it. And so far I have always done well with this way of thinking.