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Must-haves you need at work

Must-haves you need at work

Our workplace is probably the place where we spend most time of the day. It has an immense influence on how we work, on our creativity and our personal well-being. Reason enough to list what makes a good workplace. What helps us to be creative and productive at work? Here at Setlog, these are the following things:

#1: Our Feel-Good-Managers
Whether Frida, Hugo, Bruno or Amber – our office dogs all are responsible for making our daily work more relaxed. Our team of Feel Good managers and Chief Happines Officers is constantly growing. There are now eight of them. Together they keep our good mood on a high level. Cuddle games included!

#2: Coffee as our energizer
On each of our two office floors there is a fully automatic coffee machine which reads every wish from our lips. Whether espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato or café crème – coffee junkies get their money’s worth! Better like it oldschool? Of course we also offer the good old filter coffee.

#3: Nerf Guns
Stress reduction in form of arrows. Of course, we also get a bit more stressful from time to time. To counter this, we have a considerable selection of nerf guns in our toy arsenal. Great fun (also for our less sadistic colleagues)!

#4: Jokes and Fun
We Setloggies like to laugh, because laughing is healthy! One or two jokes – as long as they are not at the expense of others – loosen the working atmosphere and at the same time train the facial muscles.

#5: Creative spaces
If the igniting idea is missing, a change of scenery often helps. Our Stuckenborstel offers a great opportunity to recharge your creativity and creativity. The comfortable sofa has already helped some of our colleagues to a spontaneous flash of inspiration.

#6: Post-its
Whether for planning the next Scrum sprints, as coffee coasters, biscuit napkins or for loving scribbling during telephone calls – they are indispensable in our everyday office life. The perfect all-rounders in the workplace!

#7: Ballpoint pens
Typical problem: suddenly the pen is gone. Normally they lie around anytime and anywhere, but when you need one, no one can be found. Of course, we are well prepared for this. In our material cupboards you will find everything a writing material lover’s heart desires.

#8: Pizza and pasta
Once a month, our management team invites us to a pizza and pasta dinner during lunch break. Good opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and to keep up to date!

#9: Team spirit
… is very important to us. Each one of our team is different, but together we are responsible for the success of our software. The diverse talents and abilities of each individual make our team a winning team.

#10: Nerve nutrition
Want some candy but no birthday cake in sight? When your nerves are on edge again and the sudden hypoglycaemia is approaching, then our stock of sweets is always helping. Clearly addictive!