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The office kitchen

The office kitchen

“Does your mum work here, too?” “No, why?” “Then please clean up behind yourself!”
A conversation like this could take place in every office kitchen on this planet at this very moment.

For every biologist, the refrigerator of an office kitchen is a paradise and perhaps, yes, perhaps, he discovers one or another microbe that no one has ever seen before. A new form of mold every day. The only thing that helps is to remind your colleagues occasionally that various things that turned fur-covered are already running free in the fridge and are waiting to be picked up.

Life is full of misunderstandings. The sink is not called a sink, because it rinses, but because you can rinse in it (explanation, rinsing is a self-made craft in combination with water, detergent, sponge and the dirty dishes) if the place allows it. When food leftovers and dirty dishes share the space in the sink, it is impossible to think of washing anything in there.  There is a need for action here, but this should probably be done by more experienced colleagues. The sponge should also take a vacation every now and then and be squeezed once in a while. Extremely overweight sponges which exceed 1 kg really need to be squeezed firmly. It’s good for it and after that it can work well again.

Dishwasher; is there really no need for it?

Here’s the thing. The dishwasher is already up to date. In its technique it is far superior to the ordinary sink, but nevertheless it is always deprived of the opportunity to prove its skills. Perhaps it is simply too complicated or too exhausting for many to put the dishes away. Help and instructions are offered by the colleagues who like to approach this marvel of technology.

Almost every office kitchen suffers from cup shrinkage. Whether it’s the personal cups, when all of the sudden the BVB fan is not even surprised anymore when he is drinking from a Schalke cup, or the overall office cups. If necessary, you could simply just rinse it quickly – oh wait, oops. Not possible, since the sponge is overweight and the sink is full.

Flight, yes flight is always the best solution when the fully automatic coffee machine suddenly wants something from you. After all, you only came here to get a cappuccino or a latte, and now the stupid thing wants a dairy hose rinse or a cleaning. What is this, a beauty salon for coffee machines? Okay, others can definitely do that better anyway, so escape is the best of all solutions here.

Yes, office kitchens definitely present colleagues with challenges.

How about you guys?


This is a collaborative-creative-and-smiling production of Stephanie Schreinermacher und Simone Goebelshagen