eduard at the airport on his way to new york

I’m really exited about the flight over the big Atlantic ocean this week. It has been 5 months since I was in New York the last time and it is really about time to get back again. As usual we will show everybody that we are the true globetrotters – especially our Product Owner Dominic who will almost fly around the entire world in 8 Days!

Sabine the PO of our team Crew 42 will join us and support our efforts to start an education program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York which will be held by Simone Ross from our NYC team.

Sabine is already there, she flew to New York on Saturday. My flight is scheduled for today (Monday) and Dominic will arrive on Tuesday, because he will be just coming back from his vacation in Mallorca. When he’ll arrive at the JFK Airport, Genesis from our NYC team and me will be already be waiting for him with a rental car to drive all the way down to Plymouth. There our our new customer CSS is waiting to meet us. We have planned two workshop days there before we get back to New York on Thursday and fly home to Germany on Friday.

A long and exiting week is waiting for us. I’ll try to jot our adventures down for you. Stay tuned!