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Pain and amazement in the Bootcamp: Social Media Marketing is not a hobby!

Pain and amazement in the Bootcamp: Social Media Marketing is not a hobby!

Pain and amazement in the Bootcamp: Social Media Marketing is not a hobby!

7.11.2018, Dortmund: actually, I was really well in time and then nothing went on the last meters. Traffic jam in front of the Westfalenhalle, the Bootcamp should start without me. The traffic jam and the search for a parking place were not that bad then, soI was still on time.

The boot camp showed us all what we don’t know and what we still have to use and to do. Of course, we also focus on the big five social media platforms:






But I didn’t know that there are thousands of others like the Russian Facebook Our US team and our CEO Ralf will certainly be very pleased that Pinterest is the No. 1 in B2B in the USA. That Xing is a lot of misery and does not deserve to be called a social media platform is confirmed by many experiences we made with Xing. Okay, so far I didn’t have the feeling that – thanks to Nora – we didn’t miss that much. But when Lucas began to talk about WhatsApp, I got slightly nervous. The subject of data protection is discussed very sensitively by us and I found it very exciting to also delight our existing and potential customers with WhatsApp. But that was only skirmish, now the facts came:

3 billion users are on social media platforms, worldwide.

2 billion on Facebook Active: Lucas made clear, that Facebook is an ecosystem consisting of Instagram and WhatsApp. Okay, that’s nothing new, not even for me.

But following question remains: how can you reach these users and the 1.billion who romp around on the other platforms? And now, here comes the pain!

How do you achieve customer loyalty?



Getting to know each other hurts and is labour-intensive and cannot be measured.


social media marketing

Inspire fans

Establishing trust also hurts and is labour-intensive and cannot be measured


50% of the purchase decisions are made via social media – just as I do. No matter which way, through forums, groups or due to advertisements, which are discussed by other users as good and reliable. But despite everything, social media is not a direct sales tool. Wow, how do we tell our management? Social media is first and foremost a “trust tool”, an opportunity to bind the customer or partner emotionally and to build and strengthen a sustainable bond. Social media marketing lives on the trust of its users and followers and the data they provide.

Social + Data                                                                                      

Media + Marketing

You have to be aware that the target group are your followers and that all contributions have to be advertised. So you as a companie have to invest. A fact that not everyone wants to realize, but which is unavoidable. We too have already tested this and have been able to see the positive effect. The target groups for our contributions are of course our followers and you should also check in which groups you share and advertise your contributions. Clearly everyone should be aware of the following equations

No posts = no trust (Oh, crap)

Consistency + investment are components that have to be made hand in hand.

Implementation + efficiency are the most important aspects

Nora agreed with Lucas on a lot of things. Especially since she had already listed these points in our weekly meetings. I think 2019 will be very exciting for us.

But even if you know all this, it is still important to hit the nerve of the target group, otherwise you would exactly do, what Lucas made clear to us:

“Throw money on the shit, until you can’t see the shit anymore.”

How do you achieve this trust and how do you get to have followers who read your stuff and then actually read and share our contributions?

You need ideas and goals and the optimal implementation and of course TIME! Ideas, implementation, results, optimization and all that again 🙂

The most important three pillars in digital enterprises are:


Here you have to ask one of the most difficult questions:” What are your goals?” Many people like to define their goals for the long term as six months or a year. This is difficult in social media marketing, not because social media people are not willing to do it, but because the platforms used change almost daily and new players are added to the social media market every 4 months. So a 6 month plan is “wischi-waschi”, to put it in Lucas’ words.


2. short-term goals

Or even 7-days-goals. So how many new followers would you like to win with the post, blog or post? The goal definition should be realistic and based on existing measurable numbers. The social media measures must tie in with the company goals!

It is important to stand out from the competition. Being different doesn’t have to cost much and even provocative ideas can be positive for the encouragement of potential customers. It is important to express one’s opinion here, even if this does not always correspond to the mass opinion and is uncomfortable. The own standing is crucial and creates also again confidence with your Followers. What can I say, these statements were waterfalls on Nora’s mills, which is exactly what she preaches to the whole company. And, yes, she is right 😊


3. Measure and evaluate measures

Time, we need more time. That was the first thing that went through my head. The measures of the last 7 days must of course also be measured and evaluated. What went well, what was well accepted and what did not go so well. And where did things go well, a very important and decisive question. Of course, there are tools and super tips for everything, from Lucas a very simple Excel sheet with a traffic light for the own measures and also for those of the competitors. But in the end, it is time that is often lacking to process everything as intensively as it should be.

As with many of the participants, I also support social media marketing “only” incidentally. And that is simply not enough, which this boot camp showed me more and more clearly.

Research is also such a magic word, which requires a lot of time and accretion. Where do our customers or potential customers get information? Which search engines do they use, which topics do they move and why? Where are my customers active, on which pages and which groups? Which events do they attend? Somehow this has something to do with stalking, but just like a stalker, you simply have to get to know your customers in order to win their trust. Knowledge is power… and in our case it creates commitment and trust.

Target groups

A question is exorbitantly important and must be asked over and over again, to every new customer you can win.

“How do you know us?”

This question makes it easier for us to expand our measures and gives us additional information to analyse the interests of our target group. If we know what our customers, private and business, are interested in and which platforms they use, then we can publish our content in a more targeted way. Not every picture, not every contribution, not every video has to be placed on all platforms. No, we have to find out which platform is right for which content. My head is smoking, Nora is on fire and I am just happy that there is a break now.

A Message for the break

“Get to know the private person and win him as a customer!”

Aha, yes, coffee and then times look what the others say so.

Now came topics about lead platforms, evaluations of the platforms used, newsletter exclusivity, contact points expand, attention win and expand up to customer loyalty and how to achieve these goals. That was the time when I really understood something. It’s not for nothing that we sit together weekly to define and evaluate exactly these things. Yes, we have had our planning Monday for quite some time, even on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and we discuss exactly these topics. Thank you Nora!

I can only recommend a bootcamp to everyone to take the information with you that you can use and implement and want.

We have filtered out some things and want to redesign some things and have some more discussions. However, I am very sure that even though we are a small team, we will implement this very well.