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Neither Snow Nor Rain Day

Neither Snow Nor Rain Day

Whether it’s raining or snowing… if you own a dog, you’re out in all weathers. It doesn’t matter if it storms, rains out of buckets or snows heavily.

Somehow you feel as if you are the only person on earth at these times when everyone else prefers to stay inside.

But apart from dog owners, there is another group of people, that is always on the move – whether it rains or snows: The people from package delivering.

On September 7th is “National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day” and on this day we celebrate those people who deliver our precious goods to our doorsteps, no matter what the weather is like outside.

This day has its origin in the opening of the post office in New York City on September 7th, 1914. It gets its unusual name from the inscription on the outer side of the building. There, on the colonnade it says: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”.

In today’s society, we are used to ordering online and to receiving our goods in the best case within 24 hours.

“Order until 5 p.m. and we guarantee delivery till the next working day.”

These and other slogans encourage us to use the package delivery system to the fullest.

We don’t give much thought to what really happens at the end of the logistics chain. We conveniently receive our packages and letters late in the evening and on weekends and sometimes several times on a single day.

On “Neither Snow Nor Rain Day” we, whether private person or company, should take the time to pay tribute to the service we are offered every day and to say thank you to the people who give their best to hand over our delegierst despite rain and snow.

So: A big thank you to all post officers!