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A beautiful idea that has its origin in the US and is known as “Just-Because-Day”. This day has been known since the early sixties because Joseph J. Goodwin gave his wife a transistor radio, just like that and without any particular reason. It was not so much the object itself that stood out as the gesture and the joy associated with it.

In 2005, based on the custom of the Goodwin family, the Just-Because-Day was created.

But what do you do on such a day, or is this consideration already planning and then no longer at all -just so-?
The ulterior motive of this day is, without a plan and without a certain reason – simply to make a change to the everlasting routine to simply clear the mind.

That can be very various and present itself in different actions or activities.

Maybe you just sit down and write a blog or you just go to an event and listen to what others think. Or you go swimming, into the forest or snuggle up with your kids all day long. This day is free of all tasks and obligations.
We have a smaller version of the “Just-Because-Day” – namely our Hackday that is taking place monthly. Everyone can use the free time and occupy it with whatever they desire. We have also created the possibility for each team to organize an “offside” and to focus on topics or problems, detached from the normal office hustle and bustle.
We know that this isn’t really a “Just-Because-Day”, but it is a good step in this direction and if a member of our team wants to treat him- or herself to a Just-Because-Day, this is also possible and only a short coordination with his team away.