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Katrin Stupp

Katrin Stupp

“What department do you work in and what’s your job title?”

I have been working here as a marketing all-rounder since August 2018. I actually come from German studies and medieval history, but in my job as a research assistant I didn’t have the opportunity to live out my creative streak – in contrast to my current job at Setlog.

“What exactly are you doing at Setlog?”

I support the Marketing Team (a greeting to the “Bunte Bildchen Truppe”) in all their

concerns: Be it the design of flyers, brochures, certificates, the organisation of

Events such as our monthly Meetups, help with Employer Branding, the

Writing blogs about and so on and so on…my tasks are very varied

and exciting. Above all, I am delighted that I have been able to combine my creative and

Germanistic background can live out here.

“3 words: What do you like about Setlog?”


“How do you know where you work?”

You can recognize it by its strong and serious effort to keep it tidy.

“Which hobbies do you pursue in your spare time?”

I really enjoy strength training and sports in general. I also like to go bouldering or

also cover larger distances (preferably in Norway). I like to gamble and listen to music. I also like to learn languages, preferably the

Scandinavian languages like Icelandic or Norwegian and I am interested in medieval manuscripts…my interests are quite diverse.

“How do you deal with challenges?”

Just do it, even if you’re afraid. The character grows with such challenges and strengthens them.