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Could you just…?

Could you just…?

Do you know that when a colleague or one of the bosses comes up to you and asks you innocently: “do you have a minute” or “can you just…”?

Personally, I’ve always been in the lurking position and just try to avert the worst. Because even if the colleagues or the bosses don’t feel it that way, this “can you just do it” or “do you have a minute ” takes a lot of time yourself. It takes half a day to do this “just for once”.

Escape would be appropriate with such questions now and then however unfortunately not the etiquette accordingly. So, what do you do then? One divides the ” can you just…” and finds best fellows, who cover the individual specialist areas of ” can you just…” better than one. Freely according to the motto “many hands, quick end”. It is important that ” can you just…” and ” do you have a minute” are mostly tasks that were forgotten or overlooked in the hectic everyday life and then somehow still have to be done in the submission deadline and therefore do not tolerate any more delay. So, from now on you become the main fire champion of the team.

Did you know that the 05.08.2019 is the “Work like a dog day”?

What experiences do you have with “do you have a minute” or “can you just…”?