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Who we are

Team spirit is our top priority. We are a strong team of bright minds with character and passion. Whether you are a sales talent, IT solution finder, digital native or technology expert – we have people with individual personalities and diverse skills. Everyone is different, but together we are responsible for the success of our software and thus also for the satisfaction of our customers. That makes us a winning team!

Employees talk

  • Stephanie Schreinermacher

    Stephanie Schreinermacher

    This is our Stephie, who is not only our woman in support, but also an absolute family and dog mom and Canadian fan with body and soul. She supports our customers when user and OSCA do not harmonize as it is desired.

    No bugs anymore!
  • Nora Breuker

    Nora Breuker

    Colourful and stressful, but also super creative and eventful. This is how Nora Breuker – Digital Marketing Strategist- describes her daily work at Setlog.

    This way please to -coloured and creative-
  • Timon Bloemen

    Timon Bloemen

    As a working student, I support full-time employees in the controlling department by creating various evaluations (e.g. customer evaluations or comparison of planned/actual sales), monitoring outstanding receivables from our customers or helping with the monthly or annual financial statements. So I am involved in all aspects of finance.

    This is our Timon!
  • Simone Göbelshagen

    Simone Göbelshagen

    Very individual people with many interesting personal characteristics work here. The certainty that my dogs are welcome at any time – something that makes a dog owner calm down.

    Meet Simone
  • Christian Trappe

    Christian Trappe

    “As one of the “old ones” at Setlog there is always something to do, be it from history or when it comes to new adventures. For over 14 years no day has been like the other.”

    This is "Chrischi"
  • Jakob Gielen

    Jakob Gielen

    “The Chinese say “renewal requires destruction.” So it has been with us and I look positively at the future of Setlog.”

    Read more about Jakob!
  • Maurice Borzym

    Maurice Borzym

    “I like the good mood among the staff and the fact that many bring their dogs to work.”

    This is Maurice!
  • Katrin Stupp

    Katrin Stupp

    “I am happy that I am able to combine my creativity with my german studies”

    This is Katrin
  • Eduard Heinle

    Eduard Heinle

    “It is the creation of things, in the real or virtual world, that fascinates me!”

    Eduard, IT Manager

    More about Eduard
  • Julien Bick

    Julien Bick

    “Exciting, varied tasks and a good atmosphere in the team. I like it here!”

    Julien, Digital Marketing Intern

    Read more about Julien
  • Sebastian Pohl

    Sebastian Pohl

    “I desperately need your help!” Of course I sprint directly towards the elevator to go up one floor. “iTunes isn’t running and I need it badly!”
    Sebastian, System Administrator

    Get to know Sebastian

This is important to us

Supply chain management, which is an abstract term.  Not sexy at all. Do you? In fact, our daily work is really exciting! We develop software that networks our customers with all their partners and makes the opaque value chain with all its procurement processes transparent and digital. What does that mean? No production under bad conditions, because our customers know where and how to produce. They know exactly when deliveries are due, can make data-based decisions and finally send their infinite tables, faxes and emails into retirement.

What we stand for:


Everyone is different and we like that. With us you can be yourself and don’t have to pretend. Everyone brings their own strengths.


It takes courage to dare to try new things, to try out new ways, to express one’s own opinion and to bring in ideas. Courage to change something and make the world a little bit better.


Our passion is to do great work, to break into the market and find solutions to problems that others don’t dare to tackle. For us, thinking without boundaries is more than just a virtue.


Our motto is never to be satisfied with too little, always eager to learn and always curious. Because if you’re not curious, you won’t know anything.


Teamwork is always in focus for us. Only together are we strong and able to take our technology to the next level and satisfy our customers.


Where would we be if our IT didn’t totally rely on clean codes? We love the development of software very much and it determines our everyday life.

Why Setlog?

Do what you do best. It is important to us that our employees not only do a good job, but also feel comfortable and enjoy coming to work. Our cooperation is therefore just as important as satisfying our customers. We cook together, laugh a lot, go to after work events and any funny idea is always welcome. Is everything always easy with us and we are never stressed? I sure don’t. We are all people, with edges and corners, who have made it their business to have a decisive influence on the digitization and reinvention of the supply chain. We work on this every day.

Eduard's Corner

  • What is Eduard's Corner?

    Eduard is a software developer in our “Globetrotter” team at Setlog. He is one of our most creative minds, always happy to indulge in new ideas and will give all of you an insight on what life at Setlog is actually like.

    To Eduard's Blog
  • Setlog Holmes

    IT people are detectives too! The hard everyday life as detectives and computer scientists is pretty hard, but of course we solve even the most difficult cases!

    Here is the proof!
  • Offsite Day – The perfect tool!

    Offsite Day – the perfect tool to have a retrospective and team event at once. Read about the experience of our team resulting in gaining incredible motivation and creativity.

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  • Modeling software architecture with C4

    Learn more about how C4 helps you model a system architecture at different levels of abstraction!

    To the article

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Where to find us

  • Setlog GmbH
    Alleestrasse 80
    44793 Bochum

    T: +49 234 720 285 00
    F: +49 234 720 285 99

  • Setlog GmbH
    Salierring 32
    50677 Cologne

    T: +49 221 466 890 0

  • Setlog Corp
    10 Grand Central, 155 E 44th Street, 6th floor
    New York, NY 10017

    T: +1 212 209 3969