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National Boss-Employee Exchange Day

National Boss-Employee Exchange Day

What does my boss actually do all day?

Well, we do not sit in a comfortable position, have our feet on the sofa and sit at the computer… Is he really working there or is he planning his next holiday? This question should certainly be allowed and asked. Why? Because this question and possibly the exchange of the workplace makes you understand the perspective of the other better and ideally builds mutual appreciation.

The executive suite

Its the goal of many people, but for most the stakes are not really clear. According to studies, a CEO/ CFO works an average of 10 hours on weekdays, which does not consider additional weekend working hours. Our CFO can probably only smile about this, because a 60+ hour week is common for many in the executive suites, switching off properly is actually never possible.


Okay, the bosses’ calendars are always full and they’re always busy, well at least that’s what they look like. But hey, we are busy too and we work a lot, what’s the difference?

The difference is that we don’t always sit with employees, customers and partners at conferences, business trips and meetings and that these appointments often pass into a CEO’s private free time. Free time? That’s something a boss barely gets to enjoy in general.

Office, office

In the office, the bosses are actually only seen in meetings, a relaxed office time in which they can simply work through ToDo´s in a structured manner is rare. Well, that’s not always possible in one position or another, but it’s different when it comes to assessing sales growth or making personnel decisions.

Customer relations

Now in the age of the digital revolution of Facetime, Teamviewer and Co. one should think that a Face-to-Face communication could be replaced most oft he time. That would be nice, especially for appointments that last two hours but are 600 km away. But no, personal exchange is still very important in today’s digital world. According to a study, CEOs spend more than 60% of their working time in meetings and personal conversations, an additional 15% on the phone. This leaves only about a quarter of their working time for electronic communication.


Now let’s be honest, who really wants that?

To swap a day with the boss, to do it better. Of course you want to do it better, but can you really do it?

Who thinks he/she would do better than the boss? Who thinks they can deal better with their employees and be more understanding of their needs?

These are questions you ask yourself when you ask: What does my boss actually do all day?