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Staff Stories

Staff Stories

“I desperately need your help!” Of course I sprint directly towards the elevator to go up one floor. “iTunes isn’t running and I need it badly!”
Sebastian, system administrator

Today Sebastian tells us about his “quite normal” working day.

Hi Sebastian! What do you do at Setlog?
“Since more than 4 years I am now working as a system administrator and have to take care that all our systems and applications can be used without malfunctions and failures. I am also responsible for our backup strategies, disaster recovery and updating.”

sebastian and frida on our red sofa
Our busy Sebastian together with our Feel-Good-Manager Frida

How exactly do you handle challenges at work?
“Challenges or hurdles are not easy to spot at first glance. Before I start a task in a focused way, I clarify the general situation with the Quest giver. Then I split the challenge into smaller, simpler packages so I can master them step by step. The task is completed when the client is fully satisfied with the solution.”

What does your working day look like?
06:30 Uhr:
Wake up alarm rings.

07:30 Uhr:
Alarm is noticed and I think to myself: “Damn, so late again…”.

09:00 Uhr:
Before I can get to my workplace, two teams stop me and ask some questions.

09:10 Uhr:
Arrival at workplace: Checking some mails and Slack.

10:00 Uhr:
“Daily” with my sysadmin colleague: Status updates for planned tasks, to-dos, etc.

10:15 Uhr:
Call from the support team: “One customer cant start the system. Please could you take a look at the screenshot?”. In most cases this is due to missing permissions or there is a problem with their firewall.

10:30 Uhr:
Call from the executive board: “I desperately need your help!” Of course I sprint directly towards the elevator to go up one floor. “iTunes isn’t running and I really need it!”.

10:40 Uhr:
iTunes is fixed and i am back at my desk to work on my main task.

11:00 Uhr:
Meeting with the IT crew for some updates.

12:15 Uhr:
Launch break

13:00 Uhr:
Alerting to find out why a GitLab runner is no longer running.

13:10 Uhr:
I continue to work on my main task.

14:00 Uhr:
Kick-off meeting to provide a new customer project. In such an appointment, open questions of the team such as “On which system should we run the customer?” or “What needs to be secured?” are answered.

15:00 Uhr:
“Happy Hour” with the whole Setlog crew, to share the newest news or to make some announcements.

16:00 Uhr:
Alerting: “The customer’s system is down!”. I check the error immediately. Short look if the system itself has a high load and common logs are evaluated. After the cause has been found and solved, I give a short info to the team and a small summary.

16:15 Uhr:
Finalizing this morning’s actual task.

17:30 Uhr:
Finished work! Finally Netflix and Chill.

What are your plans for future?
“I want to push automation through GitLab pipelines and Ansible. In my eyes, the classic profession of system administrator is dying out and I don’t see myself as a classic system administrator anymore. For me, automation is great and, above all, extremely important, especially when the number of projects is no longer 10 but 100. Privately I’m working a little with React.JS and I’m coding my own website, but that will certainly take some more time. I like trying programming languages like C++ or Java. Once I would like to be working in a project as a developer to get to know the other side better.

What are your favorite phrases?
“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
“Working with professionals…”
“I’m really looking forward to it…”
“Yes lol, I’m up for it…”