MARC O'POLO: Cloud-based platform OSCA for the management of global Sourcing

MARC O'POLO: Cloud-based platform OSCA for the management of global Sourcing

Software Specialist Setlog, based in New York and Bochum, Germany, successfully finished the first phase of the global implementation of the supply chain management solution OSCA® for MARC O'POLO, one of the leading premium modern casual brands, in December 2015. After only four months the implementation of the cloud based IT platform enables the vertical retailer to manage about 90 % of its global sourcing centrally in one place.

In the second phase the entire pre-production management as well as the factory capacity planning will be running live for their new collection. This way MARC O'POLO as well as its suppliers benefit from defining milestones in terms of content and time, blocking qualities and accelerating the exchange of information before the start of the production.

After finishing the entire implementation MARC O'POLO will be able to streamline a broad spectrum of processes, accelerate Time-To-Market and increase transparency and collaboration within its supply chain.

Sonja Ruppert, Director Buying, Production & Supply Chain at MARC O'POLO, looks back: "Right from the start the Setlog team focused on analyzing and understanding our processes." "It was important for us to have a sparring partner from the industry who was able to setup an optimal, global supply chain management solution built on best practice." adds project manager Regina Sommer, Head of Buying & Production Woven.

The simple usage and the modern, cloud-based technology also played an important role for the successful implementation. "At the beginning we were a little bit skeptical if the realization of this project would claim to many resources and also cause high administrative effort in the long term. But we were convinced quite quickly. Also from an IT perspective this project is a great success. It is great to see that we were able to live with the first suppliers after only four months, who work from then on completely with our data" so the project management IT of MARC O'POLO.

Ralf Duester, CEO of Setlog, explains: "We are impressed by the performance of MARC O'POLO. Our teams worked closely to ensure that the highest standards, which MARC O'POLO demands from its product quality, its service and its communication was built into every aspect of the process. Due to our cooperative partnership it has been a pleasure to optimize MARC O'POLO's global sourcing process with our solution."